What to do over Winter Break (besides binge-watch Netflix)


It is almost time for winter break; a time where students relax and try not to think about school work too much. But this is also a great time to start looking for internship/job opportunities and update your resume.

Winter …

By Rachel Dembek
Rachel Dembek
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Part 3: How do I get a job or an internship?

Hiring Graphic pt3

Successful Interviewing – Telling Your Story

What’s your story?
That’s what an interview is all about – your chance to tell your story to an employer that’s interested in you. The interview is your chance to convince the employer that …

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You’re Hired! Samantha Bailey ’18


You’re Hired! Check out our employed Penmen!

Samantha Bailey ’18
Major: Accounting

Employer: Bigelow & Company
Position: Tax Intern

What on-campus involvement have you been engaged in while at SNHU?
— “I work in the Office of Undergraduate Admission as …

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Part 2: How do I get a job or an internship?


Good for you! You’ve created your resume and cover letter and now you have decided that you are ready to test the waters and gain some real hands-on industry experience. So how do you find a job or internship and where …

By Tracy Micali
Tracy Micali Assistant Director
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Part 1: How do I get a job or an internship?


The first step to even being considered for an internship or job position, is making sure your resume and cover letter are in tip-top shape. Having an updated resume and a well-written cover letter is what can make or break your …

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Marketing Panel – Happening today! 4:30PM


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